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RAF-RAF is another isotonic botanical beverage that provides you extra energy when you need it. Made from a mixture of agarwood, pine cypress, hunza salt and herbs to give you maximum energy in your daily activities.

RAF-RAF is a probiotic drink that contributes to STEM SEL production to rejuvenate the internal organs as well as new blood and cells. Make your skin look fresh, vibrant and beautiful and you will always look young. RAF-RAF is a beverage rich in high levels of minerals and vitamins that your body needs and can handle many of the health problems you are facing.


Cough is a SYMPTOMS, not a disease.
It is another cause of cough that needs to be treated.

Cough is the body’s response to irritation in the respiratory system, whether the irritation is located in the throat, lungs or bronchial tubes.

Cough Treatment through:
Herbatherapy & Aromatherapy Methods

What are the advantages of BATOOKA?
1. Batooka is an herbal formula and aromatherapy.
2. Use oil as a base.
3. Use the easiest way – SWEEP ONLY!
4. Relieves severe cough quickly.
5. Use the concept of two in one
– The benefits of herbs and aromatherapy


  • Psirosis pada kulit kepala
  • Kelemumur yang tebal
  • Kulit kepala yang tidak subur
  • Rambut gugur
  • Botak
  • Rambut berbuah
  • Rambut perang atau kemerahan


Jiddhan is a food that feeds the “BACTERIA” both in the gut. When good bacteria increase, it will attack the “Evil Bacteria” in the body, thereby repairing the damage to the organs in our body system.

It provides the body with energy and helps improve intestinal performance. Prebiotics are also fed by probiotic bacteria responsible for removing waste products, toxins and excess fat from the body. Prebiotics also strengthen the immune system and fight harmful bacteria. They live in the colon and appendix